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Parking Lot Striping and Traffic Markings: What Do They Mean?

When they pull into a spot, most people don’t give much thought to parking lot markings and signage. But what do they all mean? And why are they there?

This Birmingham Sealcoat Inc guide will demystify the meanings of standard parking lot striping and traffic markings.

Whether you’re a homeowner wanting to spruce up your driveway or a driver trying to avoid a ticket, understanding these markings is vital! So, let’s get started.

No Parking Zones:

These zones are usually indicated by red or white lines painted on the pavement. There may also be signs that say “No Parking” or symbols such as a red P with a line.

No parking zones are usually found near fire hydrants, driveways, and other areas where it’s essential to keep the traffic clear.

Fire Lanes:

Fire lanes are similar to no parking zones in that they’re meant to keep an area clear for emergency vehicles. They are usually wider than a standard parking space and are indicated by red or white lines.

You’ll also see signs that say “Fire Lane” or have a symbol of a red truck with a line through it.

Loading Zones:

These areas are meant for vehicles loading or unloading passengers or cargo. They are usually indicated by signs that say “Loading Zone” or have a symbol of a truck with an arrow.

These zones are typically found near businesses such as grocery stores, restaurants, and hotels.

Handicap Parking:

Spaces designated for handicap parking are usually larger than standard spaces and have a sign with the international symbol for accessibility.

They may also be painted blue or have “Handicap Parking” painted on them. In some cases, they may be van-accessible with additional signage to indicate this.

Stop Lines:

A stop line is a horizontal painted line that indicates where you should stop your vehicle. These stop lines are usually found at intersections, crosswalks, and parking lots. Stop lines are typically painted red, but they may also be white or yellow.


A crosswalk is an area of a road designated for pedestrians to cross. They’re usually painted with white or yellow lines and sometimes have raised pavement markers to make them more visible.

Bike Lanes:

Bike lanes are a portion of a road designated for cyclists. They’re usually marked by a painted line and have signs to indicate their presence. Bike lanes are also shared with buses or other vehicles.

Parking Lots:

Parking lots are areas designated for parking vehicles. They’re usually marked by white or yellow lines and may have signs or other markings to indicate specific spots for disabled drivers, electric cars, or other vehicles.

Now that you know the basics of parking lot striping and traffic markings, you’ll be sure to park in the right spot and avoid getting a ticket!

If you’re looking to add some parking lot striping or traffic markings of your own in Sterling Heights, MI, be sure to get in touch. Birmingham Sealcoat Inc can help ensure your markings are clear and compliant with local regulations.

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