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7 Parking Lot Striping Mistakes To Avoid For A Safe And Organized Lot

Parking lot striping is essential for maintaining a safe and organized parking space. It can help drivers and pedestrians navigate the lot safely and efficiently when done correctly. If it is not executed well, it can lead to accidents and chaos. Birmingham Sealcoat Inc will discuss seven parking lot striping mistakes to avoid to keep your parking lot running smoothly!

1. Not Planning Ahead

Perhaps the most common mistake in parking lot striping is not planning. This results in several problems, such as incorrect measurements, poor placement of lines and markings, and even damage to the pavement. When you plan, you can avoid these problems and ensure that your parking lot is striped the first time correctly.

2. Not Stripe the Lot In Sections

Another common mistake is attempting to stripe an entire parking lot at once. It is often a daunting task that leads to rushed work and sloppy results. It is much better to line the parking lot in sections to take your time and do a thorough job.

3. Not Using the Right Equipment

To stripe a parking lot correctly, you need to use the right equipment. It means using high-quality paint designed for use on asphalt, as well as a professional-grade stripping machine. Trying to save money using inferior products will only result in poor results and wasted time and effort.

4. Not Following the Guidelines

There are some guidelines to follow for parking lot striping. These include the width of the stripes, the spacing between parked cars, and the placement of accessible stalls. Ignoring these guidelines can result in an unsafe and poorly organized parking lot.

5. Not Using the Correct Paint

There are different types of paint for other surfaces, and it is essential to use the correct paint for your parking lot. Another mistake is not taking into account the weather when striping. A colder temperature will not let the paint dry timely.

6. Not Using Enough Paint

Another mistake is not using enough paint. It can lead to uneven lines and an overall sloppy appearance. It is also essential to ensure that the lines are straight and even. Wavy or crooked lines can confuse drivers and can lead to accidents.

7. Not Leaving Enough Space Between the Lines

Finally, one of the most important things to avoid when striping a parking lot is not leaving enough space between the lines. It can create a chaotic and dangerous situation for drivers. Leave plenty of room for cars to park safely and without blocking other vehicles.

Ending Note

You can avoid these common mistakes and create a safe and inviting parking lot for drivers and pedestrians. If you want professional help for your parking lot striping needs, Birmingham Sealcoat Inc serving Lake Orion, MI, would be happy to assist. We offer free estimates to plan your safe and organized parking lot today!